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SQL query result as JavaScript array

Today there was a need of using simple, dictionary SQL query result as an array in JavaScript. Solution is quite simple - region with PL/SQL Dynamic Content. Here you have a short video with example. Changing Select List causes showing Checkboxes in rows, on which specific action can be processed. Code of PL/SQL region, which creates array: htp.p('<script>'); htp.p('var actions = [];'); for x in (select ID, STATUS_FROM from ACTIONS ) loop htp.p('actions[' || || '] = "' || x.status_from || '";'); end loop; htp.p('</script>'); JavaScript code for Dynamic Action, which uses the array: $("input[name='f02']").each(function(){ if (this.getAttribute("status") == actions[$v("P18_ACTION")]) { = "block"; } else { = "none"; } });