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Make your Automatic Time Zone pretty

While the automatic time zone works, it looks bad. Often when the main page is heavy user needs to look on the white page for a while. APEX doesn't let you change this page natively. I have a nice MIP (Make It Pretty) for you. Check the results: Try our sandbox demo to see the result! Steps to implement the solution: 1) In "Application -> Shared Components -> Application Processes" create a process "On Load: Before Header" with this PL/SQL: declare v_timezone varchar2(4000) := apex_util.get_session_time_zone(); begin -- if no timezone then go to error message if( v_timezone is null ) then raise_application_error(-20001, 'Get timezone'); end if; end; 2) Add this HTML to "Process Error Message" <!-- All we do is in this container will be moved at the top of the page when page loads --> <div id="timezone-window-div"> <!-- I would suggest using JQUERY stored on your side, not from googl